Ba Gua Zhang is the crowning jewel of Chinese martial arts. It contains the most advanced knowledge of how to achieve and maintain optimal health. Optimal health does not only mean absence of disease. It means optimal vitality. It means resistance to disease and slower aging.

It also comes with improvements to perception, concentration, and relaxation. There are many others such as strength, speed, coordination, balance, sensitivity of touch.

Continuous improvement in perception means that everyday brings enhancements to all the best things in life. It is like getting back and never losing the wonder of childhood.

I feel very lucky to be able to teach a complete system of Ba Gua Zhang. This is very rare today. Most people only teach forms. Our lineage still has the underlying theory, which enables us to continue to research and cultivate the art. Today, even the most famous Chinese masters admit they do not have this knowledge. They cannot explain why they do what they do.

I have written a few science fiction short stories that give a taste of the Kung Fu experience and what is possible to achieve through the practice. Please have a read, the links are below.

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